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Special features at INSITE11

See our fantastic outdoor exhibits or take an anniversary tour of the BRE site..

PODPASSIV Prototype Home  

Cub house designer and property developed Charlie Greig will launch a new prototype home at INSITE11. Called PODPASSIV, the prefabricated kit house offers a semi-permanent solution to a range of housing requirements.

BT’s Vehicle for Change

BTs Vehicle for Change, an interactive showcase of future technologies aimed at helping public sector organisations and global businesses to gear up for a changing world will be on show at INSITE11.Visitors to the showcase can explore and interact with innovations and solutions designed for their industry, such as CRM or Unified Communications Solutions.

Quality and innovation in flooring systems - BASF

A practical demonstration that will showcase innovative technologies and applications for flooring solutions. PCI has developed a product range to suit every purpose and project performance characteristics that deliver real benefits in both new build and renovation application. Whatever the project and the demanding requirements, PCI has the perfect solution.

Demonstrations will take place each day at 11.00, 1.00, 2.00 and 3.00.


Dragonboard is the eco friendly green construction board of the 21st century. Its benefits when used in retro fits are thermal mass / improving acoustics / fire  protection & water ingress if subject to flooding. Dragonboard will not support mildew or mould. Its unique jointing solution can create air tightness ensuring no energy loss thus lowering fuel bills.

Demonstrations will take place each day at 10.30, 12.00, 1.30, 2.30

The Drainwave

The Drainwave is a device that collects waste water from building use and combines this with water from the toilet to increase flush volume down sewage pipes. The Drainwave device stores water temporarily and once it has reached a predetermined capacity (9.5 litres) automatically tips, which sends the water surging through the pipes thus cleaning any build-up and preventing blockages.

  • Sustainable retrofit of buildings
  • Re-Vitalising communities
  • Wellbeing