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INSITE11 International Zone

Helping to export the UK’s expertise in sustainable construction and encouraging inward investment

The construction industry is critical to the UK economy both at home and abroad, with the construction services sector providing by far the greatest export opportunities.

Selling UK expertise

The UK is a global market leader in sustainable construction, low carbon technologies and Standards so there are significant opportunities identified by UKTI, to sell innovations, skills and services to China, India, North America and Brazil.

A networking platform

The International Zone is a networking platform, where UK companies can meet potential international clients, showcase products and services, and explore emerging market opportunities. It is also a space where foreign companies can learn how to invest in the UK.


  • Briefings about opportunities in Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Far East, US,  and elsewhere
  • Presentations by local agents and organisations
  • Space for one-to-one business discussions
  • Opportunities to arrange delegation trips
  • Fringe seminars on BRE Innovation Parks now being developed worldwide
  • Launch of the International Refurbishment Compendium

Who is attending

Companies from, Brazil, China, Canada, US, Austria France, Germany, and Switzerland have so far confirmed their attendance at the International Zone. They are seeking opportunities to partner and work with building firms, local authorities and housing associations to help them meet their low-carbon commitments such as reducing the carbon footprint of their existing stock.


Sessions facilitated by:

Sustainability Hub

  • Sustainable retrofit of buildings
  • Re-Vitalising communities
  • Wellbeing

International Zone