Delivered by BRE in association with MBE KTN and NRC

INSITE11 Conference

The INSITE11 conference ran for two days and covered four key themes: Sustainable retrofit of buildings, Revitalising Communities, Performance-in-operation and Wellbeing. Recent success stories from both new and existing developments were featured that demonstrated creative and business led approaches to refurbishment.

Fringe events

In addition to the main conference, we also ran Training Bites – taster sessions from BRE Training, and the INSITE11 Fringe

Presentations from the INSITE11 conference


See presentations from the INSITE11 conference as PDF files.

4th October:

Sustainable retrofit of buildings                                                        

With existing buildings responsible for almost half of the UKs total carbon emissions, the need to refurbish our building stock is well documented and indisputable. But how we retrofit in volume, at speed and deliver a quality outcome for occupants and generate green business growth for the supply chain is the real challenge and one which will be dealt with by this conference session

Conference times: 10:00 - 12:45

Conference Chair: Oliver Novakovic, BRE

Confirmed speakers:

  • Low Carbon IGT, Paul Morrell, BIS
  • Retrofit - a Gentoo Approach, Luke Gallagher, Gentoo Green
  • Refurbished homes need refurbished communities, Oliver Heath, Heath Design Ltd
  • Making the business case for retrofit, Chris Jofeh, ARUP
  • Integrating renewable heating into the UK's homes and businesses, Martin Orrill, British Gas
  • Preparing for 2012, Simon Ormston, British Telecom
  • Deryn Gilbey, Market Development Manager, BASF



Sustainable building design is ubiquitous but what about the actual sustainable performance of these buildings? Are we having the impact on human health and the environment we expected, and what is this achievement costing or saving? This conference session highlights the need to measure both physical and social aspects of developments to inform future design strategies and focus for gaps in products and process in the supply chain.

Conference times: 13:30 - 15:30

Conference Chairman: Rufus Logan, BRE Scotland

Confirmed speakers:

  • Interiors, Vanessa Brady, Interior Design Services
  • Green deal or no deal?, Liz Laine
  • Retrofit for the future, Paul Ruyssevelt, TSB
  • Lesson from the real world: delivering advanced domestic refurbishment, John O'Brien, BRE
  • Overview of E2B programme: On-going Projects and Future Agenda, Jeremy Watson, Global Research Director, ARUP
  • The National Refurbishment Centre, Chris Ward Brown Chairman, NRC
  • BRE Trust project Well-being in refurbishment, Katie Livesey, BRE


5 October: 


The UK has one of the oldest populations in Europe. Between now and 2031 the number of people over 64 will increase from 9.5 million to 15 million, within that age bracket the number of those who are  dependent on care will rise from 2.5 million to 4 million. The way health care is currently delivered through the NHS will no longer be viable. A new age of health care that supports individuals in managing their conditions by utilising health clinics and ‘assisted living’ technology in their home represents the future - this session will explore these issues and will also look at how the NHS is gearing up for its 2018 sustainability targets.

Conference times: 10:00 - 12:45

Conference Chair: Dave Richardson, BRE

Confirmed speakers:

  • Plan A for NHS, IHEEM, Trevor Payne, UCHL
  • Centre for userbased design, Michael Clarke, Willmott Dixon
  • Procure21+, Ray Stephenson
  • Real cost of poor housing, Mike Roys, BRE
  • Richard Foggie, HoIP

Re-vitalising communities

Communities provide the infrastructure for almost everything we do. They are the places where we live, learn, heal and work are key to establishing a successful society and nation.  The opportunity to regenerate a community gives us a chance to start again and get things right not just with an improved and sustainable living environment but by attracting economic investment and new employment. This session explores the frameworks and tools that have led to sustainable regeneration success

Conference times: 13:30 - 16:15

Conference Chair: Niall Trafford, BRE

Confirmed speakers:

  • Antonio Irranca, DCLG
  • Retrofitting at the urban scale, Professor Michael Kelly, University of Cambridge
  • Thomas E Low, DPZ, Charlotte Architects and Town Planners
  • Work shift: how the way that we work is changing, Dr Nicola Millard, Customer Experience Futurologist, BT
  • Ben Bolger, Senior Design Director, The Princes Foundation
  • The Excellence Framework, Paul Ajiboye, BRE

  • Sustainable retrofit of buildings
  • Re-Vitalising communities
  • Wellbeing